Photo of the Day- 22april2009


Some Like It Hot

We love hot stuff.



Spicy Sausage Balls.

Indian Food.

Thai Food.

Mexican Food.

Anything hot, we like. ESPECIALLY hot wings. We LOVE hot wings. We love going to Buffalo Wild Wings and eating wings. Hot Wings, Wild Wings, Mango Habenaro Wings, Carribean Jerk Wings, all the wings.

Today we decided we were going to go all out and get the hottest of the hot wings, Blazin’ Wings.

They are soooooo hot that Buffalo Wild Wings has a Blazin’ Wings eating challenge. If you can eat 12 Blazin’ Wings in 6 minutes without drinking any liquids, eating any celery or ranch or eating anything to aid in the cooling of your mouth, YOU WIN! A t-shirt that you have to buy.

Not a great prize granted, but you also get your picture on the wall.

There is a release you have to sign before you take this challenge. A release, like a “you won’t sue Buffalo Wild Wings if this in some way injures you” release. It’s true, Chas our waiter showed us… and I took a picture. (Blazin’ Challenge Release Form)

So today we all ordered our wings and then we, because we like hot things and are manly men, ordered some Blazin’ Wings.

Chad and Brother Bill and Justin and John and I all manned up and grabbed one. Tony, because he is crazy or because his birthday is tomorrow and he is trying to prove he isn’t getting soft in his old age, decided to order a WHOLE order for himself.

The Blazin’ Wings.

The wings so hot that they have to bring them out with 3 basket liners because on the way from the kitchen to the table the wings burn through the first two liners; the wings so hot that they legally changed their name from “Blazing Wings” to “Blazin’ Wings” because the “g” kept getting burned off anyway; the wings so hot that they put hair on your chest going in and then immediately scorch it off going down; the wings so hot that by themselves they raise the core temperature of the earth’s atmosphere 2.5 degrees a year; the wings so hot that they are involved in a “challenge”….where you have to sign a RELEASE to eat them; the hottest wings known to buffalos; the wings that we thought would be  good idea to eat on the busiest day of the week for us at the church, The Blazin’ Wings.

Just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page about these wings. We, again, being the manly men we are, decided we were going to put these wings, these BLAZIN‘ wings in our mouth.

So at the same time we all, locking eyes to make sure each of the others was actually going to do it, bit into the Blazin’ Wing.

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 5, 10… it was completely quiet… we thought we might be in the clear… until the 5th level of nerve endings which were almost never called into duty because almost always one of the 4 first levels of nerve endings stole the glory, after climbing over and through the wreckage and ashes that were the 4 layers of nerve endings above it, sent a message to the brain that said, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….. STTTTOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPP….. NNOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRREEEEEEEE…… AAAAAAHHHHHHH……”

Before losing its life to the blazin’ inferno itself.

They were barnone, the hottest wings we had ever had in our mouths, seperately, or collectively, or even in tall tales we had told at staff retreats. Our mouths were on fire, our taste buds had 3rd degree burns, our ears were watering, our toenails were turning red, our eyelashes were singed, but still, not wanting to appear weak we nodded to each other as we tried to casually reach for our drink and takes small sips, big gulps, and I’ll admit it, I tried to fit my entire upper torso inside of my sweat tea glass.

The wings were BLAZIN’.

Yet still we talked our church administrator, David Apps into trying one. And below are some photos of this experience.

First you should know that David is not really all that into hot. On the Buffalo Wild Wings scale of hot sauce that ranges from Chocolate Dipped to Blazin’, David usually falls somewhere around Teriyaki. We always tease him about this, as does his wife.

So trying to impress us, or earn his wife’s respect again, he said he would eat one.

He started out feeling tough and confident. He was all smiles.



A few seconds later he was still feeling good. He gave us the thumbs up to prove it…



Then it started to kick in and he was NOT okay…



He was grabbing for his Diet Coke, some celery, he even took a swig of Tabasco Sauce hoping it would cool his tongue.

It didn’t. So he grabbed a napkin to wipe away his tears.



He swears that he wasn’t crying, that his eyes were “watering”… he says it was his body’s way of ridding itself of toxins. He said the same thing happened when he accidentally ingested  Dawn dish detergent when he was kid, except it was more bubbly, of course.

He said that… like we were too believe he had bubbles coming out of his eyeballs when he accidentally drank Dawn.

I’ll give it to him, his body was trying to rid itself of the toxins from the Blazin’ Wings, through sweat on his forehead, and the snot flowing from his nose, and yes, from the tears in his eyes.

He still insists he wasn’t crying, but I think he was. Take a look a close-up of his eyes and you can judge for yourself.




Yup… definitely crying.


And because that had nothing to do with Earth Day, here is a fun Earth Day cartoon…




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