Heat Wave


I haven’t used my air much this season, it hasn’t really been warm enough to matter. The last couple of days it has been in the mid to upper 80’s… in my house.

Turns out my air is not working properly, and it has really adversely affected my life. Earlier today it was 82 degrees outside…. and somehow it was 86 degrees in my house.

True Story.

Even with my air set on 64 it was still 86 degrees!!!!



Ahhh, good times….

I have seen every episode of Little House on the Prairie and I am pretty sure that even at their house, waaaaaaaay before they had central heat and air, that it never reached 86 degrees inside!!

I will get it fixed Monday but until then I am doing several things to combat the stifling heat:

1) I have opened ALL the windows

2) I have turned on ALL the fans

3) I have been Facebooking from inside the fridge




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