Photo of the Day- 25april2009


Hope: I can’t believe you put your foot in your mouth like that.

Kevin: What??? It was funny, I just said… haha… look at Shepherd… he is putting his foot in his mouth, too…




2 Hours Earlier…


Today Steve and Laura got married. Chad was officiating and he had to get there early so Hope, Shepherd, and I decided to ride there together, which is cool except that it was a small backyard wedding and we didn’t know some of the people, and we knew those people were probably going to assume that Hope and I were married and that Shepherd is our baby.

Until the wedding was over and Chad comes over and hugs Hope and grabs Shepherd and says something like, “How do you think Daddy did, son?” and then we look like we are straight up one of those “Big Love” families.

So we rolled up to the house, got out of the car and the first thing that happened was that we were greeted by a soaking wet dog with a tennis ball in its mouth.

Great, I thought, we look like a creepy alternative family AND we’re gonna smell like wet dog. We are gonna rock this wedding!

We knocked on the door and Terry Teague answered the door. He is Steve’s current roommate and as such was serving as the wedding planner as well as being the one to give Steve away.

It was close to 2 already so we knew the wedding was about to start. The bride was looking beautiful, the groom was looking handsome, and the best man was looking dapper.

I had been there 2 minutes and I hadn’t said anything stupid to mess up their day. That was my plan for the day, Don’t say anything stupid to mess up the wedding.

I did awkwardly hug Terry when I first got there but not a lot of people saw it and being the great wedding planner he is, he handled it well and moved us on quickly into the other room.

– – –

You know what, the more I think about this, the more I think that on days like this people often say, “I barely remember it, if it weren’t for the pictures I probably wouldn’t ever know I had been there.”

Well, if that is the case, there is no need recounting the whole day, I mean, by the time they get back from their honeymoon no one will even be talking about that curio cabinet full of crystal figurines I knocked over.


I will say that Chad did a great job, no one objected during the wedding, the food was great and the cake was even better, and Steve and Laura are officially married!

Or they will be once they update their Facebook statuses…


Soooooo…… Congratulations Mr and Mrs Steve Kile!!!!

And here is a picture of the happy couple right after the ceremony.




Notice the thumbs up, that was my idea.


*And I guess it should be noted that Shepherd is not naked in his picture, he is wearing a diaper. He was wearing a cute little wedding outfit until he peed all on Chad after the wedding during the reception.

At which point Chad had to take off his vest and jacket, and Shepherd had to kick it Klassy Baby Style in his diaper.

And I was worried that I would cause a scene.


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