Photo of the Day- 26april2009


T-Shirt Tie-Dye For…

Today I went to The National Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee. I LOVE festivals, and this is one of my favorites!

I try to go every year and my two favorite things to do are….

1) Go to Cornbread Alley and participate in judging the Cornbread Cooking Contest…. It is amazing! For 2 bucks you get a sample of about 15 different cornbreads ranging from regular cornbread to cheddar cornbread to squash cornbread to jalapeno cornbread to cornbread hushpuppies to pineapple creamcheese cornbread to apple fritter cornbread.

It is pretty much cornbread heaven. I love it.

and 2) I always get a t-shirt. I love t-shirts and I love The National Cornbread Festival so a National Cornbread Festival T-Shirt is a no brainer. I love it. I must have it.


Today when we got there they were sold out of The National Cornbread Festival T-Shirts.

It was a bad moment.

I was sad.

I almost cried in front of a lady named Cindy.

Like big tears. Like he doesn’t have something in his eye, he is really crying, big time sobbing, shoulders shaking, snot running down his chin crying.

It was sad.

It was a bad moment.

But as you all know, I have a rule: If an event you are at sells out of the official event t-shirt, find another t-shirt to be the official event t-shirt.

So that’s how I ended up with this t-shirt….




The National Cornbread Festival “Official” T-Shirt


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3 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 26april2009”

  1. Allison Says:

    I just read this blog right after I posted a blog about my tie dye experience today. I think you made a good choice.

  2. Hoop Says:

    Did you see Pie and Jaybird? And Davey Smith? He played Sunday.

    • kevinthecoolguy Says:

      i DID see them!

      but only from afar.

      i actually recognized davey’s voice and told ashley it was the band from the johnny cash bash. we were in line for the cornbread in cornbread alley and by the time we got done tasting all the cornbread and i announced my candidacy for mayor of cornbread town, they were already off the stage.

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