I do NOT have swine flu

I repeat… I do NOT have the swine flu.

I haven’t updated my website in a couple of days because I have been really, really, really busy.

Last night… ALL NIGHT… was the Relay for Life event at the church. The weather was crazy… all rainy and lighteningy (that is a made up word) and we had to have it in the gym. It was still a HUGE success and I want to say thank you to everyone who came by (or has in any way donated) and hung out with us for a while eating fried oreos and hotdogs and dancing (yeah… we danced inside a baptist church!) to help rid the world of cancer!

I am going to put the link here one more time in case you want to make a donation. The more money we raise the sooner we can focus on ridding the world of lactose intolerance.

We. Must. Rid. The. World. Of. Intolerance.

Okay… click on the picture of Flavor Faye below to go directly to the Relay for Life donation page:





A huge special thanks to Faye Roach for all the work heading up The East Hamilton Relay for Life! Thanks for taking time out of your busy denisting schedule full of making grills for people all over Chattanooga to help rid the world of cancer!!!white-box

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