Photo of the Day- 07may2009

a white box07may2009- Target Audience

a white box

Tonight I performed at The Comedy Catch again in The Funniest Human in Chattanooga Contest.

It was the SemiFinals and I wanted to do something different than I did last time. So I put together a whole new set and spent the better part of the afternoon practicing and fine tuning it while Shepherd watched and critiqued.

He loved it.

If I could pack the Comedy Catch full of 13 month olds I would be crowned “Funniest Human in Chattanooga” no problem.

But alas, you must be 18 to get in so I must depend on grownups to get me through, and as we all know grownups don’t think I am nearly as funny as babies do.a white box

When Shepherd was informed he would not be able to attend tonight this was his reaction…a white box

07may2009- Sheps Angry Facea white box

That is his angry face. You see that Comedy Catch… Shepherd is ANGRY!!a white box

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a white box


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