Photo of the Day- 12may2009


12may2009- Newly Remodeled


This is the Adult Video Store on Rossville Boulevard downtown. I passed it today on the way to the recycling center and I noticed the “Newly Remodeled Under New Management” sign.

Which made me laugh.

I appreciate how the “new management” thinks that his customers will be impressed with the adult video store being “newly remodeled”.

The following is a conversation that will never happen in this establishment:


New Manager: Hey, welcome to the adult video store.

Customer: Hey…. wait, you are new aren’t you?

New Manager: Yes, yes, I am. My name is Frank, I’m the new manager.

Customer: Well, it’s nice to meet you. Hey…. wait… did you redecorate in here? New paint or something?

New Manager: Yes, yes I did…. thanks for noticing! I painted the walls with a faux plaster technique to give it that Tuscan feel. They were having one of those Do-It-Yourself Seminars down at Lowe’s the last time I was down there and they were doing this great technique (sweeps his arm Vanna White style)… I saw it and thought I just have to learn this, I can use this at my porn shop.

Customer: Wow! Well, that was an afternoon well spent, the place looks great.

New Manager: I see you have a couple videos there, are you ready to check out?

Customer: Yes…. wait, I think I will get this new video here, Under The Tuscan Son with Diane Layin’.  This remodel has inspired me to a whole new level of pervertedness.

aaaaaaaand scene.


That is never going to happen.

And if he is really concerned about increasing his property’s appeal, he needs to improve his Curb Appeal.

I learned that on HGTV.


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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 12may2009”

  1. sister-sledge Says:

    all i can say is that’s hilarious!

  2. amber j Says:

    Wow, so we have yet another witty chattanoogan blogger.

    Just what chattanooga needs, because they don’t have enough already.


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