Photo of the Day- 14may2009


14may2009- Manly Man SkilSaw


Manly Man

That is supposed to say “Manly Manly Man” but I cut off the “ly Man” because I am on a cutting frenzy.

I am cutting all kinds of EVERYTHING in half. So far I have cut about 11 things in half, only 2 of which actually needed to be sawed in half.

In a related note, RIP Lucy the Cat, you will be missed.

Visitation today 11am to 3 pm with funeral services to be held tomorrow at 2pm and 4pm.

Yes, that was a joke about me sawing my cat in half followed by another joke in which I had to separate funerals for each cat half.

You’rrrrrrrrrrrrrre welcome.


So I bought a table saw at Lowe’s. I have been wanting one for more than a year so I finally bought one. I am going to use it mainly to build wood “canvases” to paint on. I usually borrow a saw, use a handsaw, or get the guys at Lowe’s to cut it when I buy the wood, but I have a bunch of scrap wood, some recycled wood, and found wood that I want to cut up and make into frames so I figured it was time.

When I went into Lowe’s to buy it I knew exactly what I wanted because I had been researching it for a year and knew that Lowe’s had the lowest price and the model I wanted.

I’m not sure if it is because I passed the cashier coming in and then literally 45 seconds later I was in her line with the saw and she was caught off guard so she was trying to make random conversation, or if it was because I was wearing my glasses and I just looked like the saw must be a gift for one of my manly man friends, or if it is just stuff she says to everyone, but she was asking me all kinds of questions like…

“You know there’s a saw in that box and not a ceiling fan, right?”


“Do you want us to put that together for you for $15?”


“Do you want the warranty? It covers things in case you use it wrong…”


Admittedly I was wearing my glasses and probably not looking all Bob Villa, but I assumed the first question was a joke, and seeing as how the saw is pretty much put together already I figured paying someone $15 to cut open a box and pull a fully assembled saw out was probably not the best investment I ignored that question as well and decided I would answer the last question.

So I looked her dead in the eye and I said all deadpan, “No, I do not want the warranty, it’s a good idea, but I think that money will be better spent on my insurance co-pay in case I cut off a finger…. Again.”

And then I held up my hand with my ring finger bent halfway down to look like it had been chopped off.

She jumped.

I laughed and straightened my finger out.

And she looked at me like I was weird the rest of the time.


My favorite thing about my new table saw is that it is the same exact height as my spare microwave so I can use it as a table saw extender!

I’m such a manly man, kind of like Bob Villa meets MacGyver meets your Uncle Frankie Three Fingers.


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