Photo of the Day- 18may2009

-18may2009- Hows My Driving-

How’s My Driving?

“Yes, I’m calling about your vehicle 257BL…. Yeah, they are driving like crazy people. They are swerving in and out of traffic and honking their horn and flashing their lights…. and they have run at least 2 stop signs. I’m not sure if they have diarrhea or what but they are driving like crazy people.”-

Dear Lifeguard Ambulance Company,

I just love how you have that “How’s My Driving” sticker on the back of an ambulance like they are plumbers or something. Thanks for making my time stuck in traffic on I-24 better.


Kevin K Lewis

NOTE: I would LOVE it if just one of you would take time out of your day to make that phone call.  Seriously. Do it.

Do it.

Do it.-

(And if you record it and send it to me I’ll give you 20 bucks.)-

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