Update on My Life


I have a couple of things to update you on…

1) My Comedy Career.


The Comedy Catch Finals 09may2009


As you know I competed in The Funniest Human in Chattanooga Contest. Seeing as how it has taken me 10 days to update you on this, I obviously didn’t win.

I got 7th place.

Well, I didn’t get 1st so I called dibs on 7th. It is actually a nod to my last joke on Saturday night in the finals. I decided that I was going to write 100% new material from the time I found out I made the Finals on Thursday night at the SemiFinals until the Finals on Saturday night.

It was, admittedly,  a risky, crazy plan. But it was fun. I was doing the competition for fun, and having the stress and challenge of trying to write completely new stuff in 48 hours made it a blast.

I incorporated a letter writing schtick into my set for the Finals. I wrote letters to Hungryman TV Dinners, my mom, to rain, (several letters from 5th grade students) to Tommy the Math Addict as part of a Math Interventionist joke as well as one to the Comedy Catch Audience which is the one I ended the show with.

It was supposed to say, “Please vote for me as The Funniest Human in Chattanooga for the following reasons…” but I ad-libbed “Please vote for me as The 7th Funniest Human in Chattanooga for the following reasons… (I looked up from the letter at the crowd and said, “I just feel like it hasn’t gone that well…”)” and so I was playing homage to that.

Anyway, like I said, I was “voted” 7th Funniest Human in Chattanooga!

Thanks for all of you who came out to The Comedy Catch to support me and all of you guys who sent well wishes and congrats along the way. I look forward to being back at The Comedy Catch soon where hopefully I will be able to incorporate my photos into the show including my mom’s new favorite “Waffle Ho” which she, no joke, made me email to Jimmy Fallon.

Which inspired this Facebook status:

Kevin K Lewis’s mom made me -MADE me- email Jimmy Fallon my “Waffle Ho” picture because she thought he would think it was funny. I said, “Uhh, mom, Jimmy doesn’t know me.” and she said, “I thought you said he was your Facebook friend…” Touche mom, touche.


2) My Competitive Eating Career.


the peoples champ

The People’s Champ


So I recently found out that because of my participation in the Krystal Square-Off Events against Kobeyashi and Joey “Jaws” Chestnut,  I have been ranked, according to my RPI, number 50th in the world.


In the WORLD.

I am officially ranked in the sport of competitive eating.

My grandma is soooooo proud.

Or would be were she to understand RPI. Or competitive eating. Or had a computer.

Here is a link to the Eat Feats website where you can see my OFFICIAL ranking.


Please do not focus on the fact that there are 49 poeple ahead of me, instead focus on how there are 100 people on the list after me.


The 7th Funniest Human in Chattanooga AND The 50th Ranked Competitive Eater in the WORLD…. who would have thunk it.

Just think if I combined my talents I could be The Funniest Competitive Eater in the WORLD!

(were the world limited to Chattanooga)


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