Photo of the Day- 22may2009


Today was 5th grade promotion at Calvin Donaldson Elementary. Ashley and I went because  she was a teacher there this year. It should be noted that it is a largely African American school. I say that only because I want to tell you something that happened while we were there.

Together, Ashley and I were roughly 70% of the white people there. We were sitting next to this kah-razy African American grandmother who kept complaining about missing Jerry Springer to be there. Right before the ceremony started she turned to me and said, “Oh, is the blonde haired kid yours?”

NOTE: The blonde haired kid was the one and only white kid in 5th grade and she assumed he had to be our child. In her defense everyone else there was thinking the same thing they just didn’t say it.

I said, “Oh, no, I don’t have any kids in the program, I just came for the reception afterwards, I LOVE cookies.”

She laughed and then I told her that we were there because Ashley had been a math teacher there and I told her I would just yell for whoever she was there for.

She said, “Well I’m here for Revonte, when they call his name we can yell for him. We can yell “JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!…”

Kah-razy… I’m telling you, she was crazy.

But in a good way, I want to be her friend. For real, I looked for her on Facebook when I got home but so far I have yet to find a profile for “Revonte’s Grandma”.

The ceremony was what you might expect a 5th grade promotion ceremony to be including a speech from a speaker. He spoke on efficiency. It was surprisingly wordsy.

Revonte’s grandma mentioned more than once that she was hot and wanted them to just call the names so she could go home. Eventually it did end and she got to eat cookies, which I’m sure in no way made up for the fact that she did not get to see two fat white ladies in bras fight over a skinny Mexican cowboy with glasses on Jerry Springer.

Anyway, I just want to say….

CONGRATULATIONS Calvin Donaldson Class of 2009 on being 5/12 of the way done with school. That’s almost half!


When we got done there we ran by East Brainerd Elementary to drop something off with Ashley’s mom.

Her class wasn’t in the room when we got there so I had a couple of minutes to be mischievous. I wanted to write something on the board. I didn’t know what, but I knew I wanted to write something.

Eventually I decided that I would mess with the kids. I wrote “The following students must attend Summer School” and wrote down 6 students names.

When the students came in I introduced myself as Mr Lewis from The Hamilton County School Board and told them they would have to attend summer school.

They asked what it would be and I told them it would be some waterslides but mostly math and science.

At first they weren’t too excited about it but once they found out they could bring a friend with them they were all excited about it. So excited in fact, the students whose names weren’t already on the board, came up and started writing their names on the board.


22may2009- Summer School


And then we went to Westview Elementary and…

Just kidding, we went to O’Charley’s.


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