Photo of the Day- 23may2009


23may2009- Yum It Cheese Spray Spread


Remember “Cheddar is Better!” from Krystal the other night? Well, I think this trumps it.

Yum-It-Up! Cheese Spread For Dogs

I saw it at Wal*Mart, it is Cheez Whiz for dogs. For real.

It is spray cheese spread to put on top of dog food. And if it is not ridiculous enough that it exists, check out the price.

It is $5.97.

My favorite part about that is that regular “people” Cheez Whiz is half the price.


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 23may2009”

  1. Sister-Sledge Says:

    I cannot believe that even exists! That’s CRAZY!! What idiot puts cheese spread on their dog’s food anyway? Come on!!!

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