Photo of the Day- 24may2009


24may2009- The Sting


This is Garrett. He is in my Sunday School class. He broke his collarbone playing baseball the other day and has to wear this brace that keeps his arm pinned against his chest.

Yet he still finds a way to play pool. That’s dedication!

Now if we could just get him to bring his Bible…


Just kidding, he brings his Bible, it’s got a leather cover that makes it look like a football that we use to play tackle arena football when our lessons run short.

(I had to clarify or his mom would get on me for not telling you that he really does bring his Bible. It just made the joke better, Deborah, sorry…)


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 24may2009”

  1. Debra McGhee Says:

    We are just now returning from vacation. I have missed your photos of the day while gone. Thank you for clarifying about the Bible:) What kind of an example would I be to my 7th grade girls class??

    No really, loved the picture. Obviously, Garrett’s injury has not slowed him down. We now have proof!!


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