Photo of the Day- 29may2009


29may2009- ConGRADulations Lions


ConGRADulations Lions!

My favorite preschool class in our church’s CDC (Childcare Development Center), The Lions, graduated today. I really enjoyed the ceremony. I have decided that the younger the people graduating, the more interested I am in going to it.

So if you are graduating with your doctorate, I am not even kind of interested in coming to your ceremony. If you are graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree, I might come (depending on the speaker). If you are graduating from high school I will probably come… in lieu of a gift.

If you are graduating from 8th grade I’m probably not going to come because despite the fact they make you wear a cap and gown, it is not really a graduation.

If you are graduating from 5th grade I will come, but only because I am hoping something crazy might happen. For example, I went to the 5th grade graduation at Calvin Donaldson Elementary this year and a parent, just some random guy, started walking around in the middle of a the ceremony taking pictures of everyone.

Like up front. He was walking IN FRONT of the graduates and waving them to move closer together so he could take their pictures. THEN he turned around to the stage and was snapping at the people on stage trying to get them to look at him while he took their picture. It was hilarious, especially when, in the middle of a speech, he got the speaker to angle more towards him so he would have a better shot.

Then there’s preschool graduation. I could go to a preschool graduation every day for the rest of my life. I love them.

You can for sure count on something funny happening that will make it worth your time. Whether it is Nick yelling out, “I LEARNED MY PHONE NUMBER, 238-5309!!!” in about 2.5 seconds when they were going over what they had learned over the past year, or Cameron tripping on his robe and falling flat on his face and popping up like nothing happened and trying to run back to the spot he was supposed to be in even though he couldn’t see because his cap had fallen down and covered his eyes.  They are for sure going to do something really, really funny.

It was a GREAT graduation ceremony. They sang songs about letters and did crazy dances and were all and all very entertaining. Much more so than any of my doctor friend’s graduations.


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 29may2009”

  1. John Your Old Boss Says:

    I think you confused Nick’s number with “Jenny’s” number…

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