Photo of the Day- 30may2009


30may2009- Product Table


Tonight I MC’d and performed at IMMERSE.

It was a Benefit Concert for Camp Ridgedale and Community Kids which are ministries of Ridgedale Baptist Church. It was a blast! The bands were really, really good, and I got a chance to do 20 minutes after the first act, and 10 minutes after the second act, as well as doing the intros for the bands (which I made up completely on the spot and were mostly complete lies. Duration did NOT write and perform the soundtrack to Chronicles of Narnia. Sorry.)

Anyway, I got to do a bunch of material I had never done before including my first ever guitar assisted jokes. They were a lot of fun and I am looking forward to developing them.

I also, inspired by the bands and their merchandise tables, decided to run home and grab some of my own tshirts to sell. They were just regular tshirts from my closet but they were some of my favorites. My “Dunder Mifflin” tshirt, my “NPR” tshirt, “World’s Greatest Senior Adult Trip Chaperone” airbrushed tshirt, and my “Grateful Gobbler” tshirt to name a few. The crowd seemed pretty interested in them, so I set up my own booth, but no one bought one.

I guess they spent all their money on pizza and the bands cds, but no worries, I’ve got a whole case full of cds at the house. Anyone interested in buying an Amy Grant “Heart in Motion” cd from circa 1992….


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