Photo of the Day- 31may2009


31may2009- Average Betty


Average Betty

Today I adopted a7 year old girl named Betty Diaz. “She lives in Bolivia and does cleaning chores around her house. She loves playing with dolls and is an average student.”

I appreciate how Compassion International didn’t try to oversell her. “Average student”… I mean, I guess as part of this program they are going to be showing me her report card and they didn’t want to get caught in an out and out lie.

“I know we told you she was an above average student, Mr Lewis, but really she is just average. She gets B’s and C’s all the time. She’s not really all that good of a speller and has a rough time with her times tables. We should have told you that from the start but we thought maybe you wouldn’t want to adopt her if you knew that. By the way, she doesn’t speak English at all so you can stop sending her those Entertainment Weekly’s you’ve been saving up.”

I don’t care if she is “average”, look at her picture, she is so sweet, how could I not adopt her???

I know what you are thinking… What’s up with Betty’s hair, is she a swimmer? Did she just go swimming? Is her house just across the river from the Bolivian Olin Mills? Why is her hair slicked back like that?

Well, the truth is that I don’t know, that will be among the first questions I ask my daughter, Betty Diaz, when I write to her.


Dear Betty,

My name is Kevin, I hope you enjoy the cup of coffee I am sending to you every day. I see you like to play with dolls, that is neat. Hope you are enjoying school. So what is up with your hair?


Kevin K Lewis


Being a dad is a big responsibility, but I think I am going to be great at it!


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