Photo of the Day- 05june2009



Today is National Donut Day!!!


Yes, National Donut Day. It is real, it exists. It is celebrated on the first Friday of June every year. It was started by the Salvation Army in 1917 becaaaaause…. well, actually, who cares. All I know is that today is National Donut Day and as with any holiday that involves free food, we were all about it!

Yeah, FREE FOOD! Krispy Kreme, the maker of the #1 most delicious donuts in the WHOLE world, are giving away donuts with NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!!

Every customer gets one free donut without having to buy anything. NOTHING. For real, you don’t have to buy ANYTHING. It is, by far, the best idea anyone has ever had ever.

This afternoon John, Justin, and I took some time away from work and went down to the Krispy Kreme on Brainerd Road to get our free donut!


05june2009- National Donut Day-1


It was soooooooooo delicious! We wanted to get another but Krispy Kreme had a strict One Free Donut Per Customer Rule.

We went out to the parking lot and put our heads together and we figured out a way around the system.

With fake mustaches.


05june2009- National Donut Day-2


I know what you are thinking…

There’s NO way that worked.

Well, that’s where you are wrong.


05june2009- National Donut Day-4


Donut deliciousness achieved again!!

Thanks Krispy Kreme, you are the coolest!

NOTE: National Donut Day is happening all day, YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO GET YOUR FREE DONUTS!!!

And just for fun, here is some National Donut Day Trivia… Check it out!


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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 05june2009”

  1. onesessylady Says:

    I got two free donuts, because it was my birthday!

    • kevinthecoolguy Says:


      i wish WE had thought of that! the only thing better than two free donuts is THREE free donuts!!

      next year, onesessylady, NEXT YEAR!!!

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