Photo of the Day- 06june2009

We’re Getting Married And You’re Invited!!!


06june2009- 4 Wedding Photos and a Fondue-2


but you… not so much.

I don’t know who those people are, but they stood at the fence the whole time the wedding was going on. They were at a bad angle, they were basically just staring at me and the other people watching the wedding.

So as a service to them, and everyone else who wasn’t VIP enough to get invited, here is a picture of what they couldn’t see.


06june2009- 4 Wedding Photos and a Fondue


Of course there are better shots that show their faces and them lighting the unity candle but if I show you all of those you won’t purchase the wedding video when it comes out at Target.

After the reception there was a delicious dinner, which is why it was by invite only. That and Megan doesn’t like you.

By the time the wedding was over and all the pictures had been taken we were STARVING and ready to eat.


06june2009- 4 Wedding Photos and a Fondue-3


You can’t see it in this picture, but even little baby Peyton had a knife and fork at the ready.

Eventually all the bride and groom pictures were taken (also available at Target) and we got to eat. It was really, really good. My favorite was the roast. I also liked the chicken.

I might have gone through more than once…

After dinner they were doing the normal wedding festivities including speeches. I wanted to make a speech but my table wouldn’t let me. Looking back, it was probably for the best.

Then they had a slide show. For some reason there was a problem with it and it kept getting stuck on slides. It got stuck on this one on the side tv for about 10 minutes.


06june2009- 4 Wedding Photos and a Fondue-4

“Does anyone know when Megan was born?”

“Hey, what was Megan’s birthday again…”

“Wow, this is the slowest transitions I have ever seen in a slideshow…”

A good 10 minutes of snide comments while the wedding planner was probably freaking out.

Finally they turned it off and tried it on the big screened tv on the fireplace.

And wouldn’t you know…


06june2009- 4 Wedding Photos and a Fondue-5


It got stuck on this slide again!

They say that the wedding is supposed to be all about the bride, but this is ridiculous, Megan… ;-)

It was a beautiful wedding, there were so many cool things that happened, but I have to be honest, this was my favorite. This and that kid who was dressed like a sea boat captain.

I hope you guys have a long and happy marriage, and I’m sure you will, I mean, how can Chad screw it up when Megan drops hints like this…


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