Photo of the Day- 07june2009


So as you know, if you have read my Facebook page, I am the Minister of Crazy at Ridgedale Baptist Church. Basically what that means is that if there is a crazy person who comes by the church, they send him or her to me.

And sometimes they send me letters. The letters are never…

Dear Kevin,

How are you? I’m still crazy. Have a good day!

Sincerely Crazy Person

They are always something a bit more… well, I guess I can just show you. Here is a crazy person letter I had waiting on my desk this morning.


07june2009- Lttereerer Letter


That is an actual letter, that I received from an actual crazy person. How the mailman knew it was supposed to come to me I don’t know, but I got it. My favorite part is the picture of me he drew on the side there.

Nice, huh!

I also love the fact that he got the stamp to mail me this letter… from me.

So I opened the letter and before I even got it out I saw this written on back side of the envelope.


07june2009- Lttereerer Letter-2


“Thanks for letting me take you picture you r a movie star HA HA”

He also wrote “June 8 Monday 1963  2009 I will be to old HA HA HE HE 46 yrs old etc”

Okay, so he used the back side of the envelope as if it is the letter inside.

And then there was not a letter inside. But there were a couple of things.

One…. there was this the picture he took of “ME”…


07june2009- Lttereerer Letter-3


That is not me, that is some random baby who was sitting in our atrium with his grandmother a few weeks ago.

But thanks anyway!

Two, there was a page of Iron Man Stickers…


07june2009- Lttereerer Letter-4


He sent these to me like we had talked about it… but we hadn’t. Ever.

And what is even better is there are some missing.

So just to review. He sent me an envelope addressed to a drawing of my face, with a letter written on the back of it, and a picture of some random baby and a half page full of Iron Man stickers in it.

And they say there are no perks to being Minister of Crazy.


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