Photo of the Day- 08june2009


Ashley and I have been dating a few months so I thought it was time we made it Facebook Official.

She came over to my house and I logged onto Facebook and clicked all the buttons to ask her to be my Facebook Girlfriend and then I gave her the computer. She logged on and I went into the living room for a minute. I asked her if she had confirmed my Facebook Girlfriend and she said, “No…. not yet.”

Wondering what was taking so long I walked in behind her and saw this…


08june2009- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not


She had grabbed the rose from the vase on the table and was pulling the petals off one by one saying, “Facebook Girlfriend…. No….. Faceook Girlfriend… No… Facebook Girlfriend…. No…. No…. No…”

“Heyyyyy, what are you doing????”

“I’m just seeing if I should confirm your request.”

“Don’t think I didn’t notice you said “no” three petals in a row…”


Eventually she DID accept my Facebook Girlfriend request. It was a very special moment that we celebrated with a very special meal…


08june2009- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not-2


of random leftovers.


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