Photo of the Day- 09june2009


09june2009- LIVE from The Strut


“LIVE” from The Strut

Notice the upper right hand corner….

“LIVE” from The Strut”….

Uhhh, I’m not sure how anything in the newspaper can be “live” but nice try Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Just a tip for future reference…. two things that gave you away (besides the fact that you are a newspaper): The use of “last night at the strut” right above he headline, and the use of “was” when describing the night. Past tense is a dead giveaway for not live.

Try things like “right now” and “is”… still not sure it will work since you are a newspaper and have a couple hundred years of not being a live medium working against, but you seem willing to try so maybe with tips like this you will be more likely to pull it off.

That’s all I have for you here. Reporting live from the blogosphere, I’m Kevin K Lewis, back to you in the Interweb, Al Gore.


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