Photo of the Day- 25july2009


Reason #37 Why I Should Be Fat

I have a Fudge Drawer in my refrigerator.


Fudge Drawer


Really, if you don’t have a Fudge Drawer, you totally should. It is my favorite part about being a grown up.

Seriously kids, when you are grown up you can do pretty much whatever you want. I have a box of Cookie Crisp in my Crisper Drawer.

I have a couple of drawers in my main bathroom that are skinny and really long. I don’t ever really use that bathroom so there’s not really anything that I need to put in them.

So one I filled with fortune cookies and in the other I put one of those hide-a-key rocks with a spare key to my Jeep. I figured if I ever lock my key in my car I can ask someone to go in there and get it. It should be easy. You just go in my bathroom and look in the drawer. If you see a drawer full of fortune cookies, look in the other one.

And if someone is just snooping it just looks like a rock in a drawer. Genius.


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