Photo of the Day- 29july2009


Little To No Interest

I checked my mail when I got home today. There was a bunch of junk mail (Wednesday is junk mail day in Chattanooga), there was the Mint magazine (an awesome coupon magazine), and there was my bank statement.

As I walked I opened my bank statement, more to have something to do on the way from my mailbox to my front door than out of interest of what was inside.

I opened it, and scanned it, and laughed.

Like out loud laughed. Like this can’t be true laughed. Like crazy person by myself laughing laughed.

Why? Well… I… uuhhh… I’ll just show you.

Below is a copy of my bank statement. I have blacked out all the sensitive information. All the numbers and dashes and numbers and stuff. I mean I don’t want you people to steal my identity and wipe out my account.

Okay, the part I want you to notice is in the bottom right corner. It is the interest I have earned so far this year on my account.


29july2009- Little To No Interest


11 cents.

I have earned 11 cents in interest so far this year on the money in my account.

11 cents. THIS YEAR.


On a scale of 1 to 10 how impressed do you think Ashley’s parents will be impressed with this?

My guess…



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