Photo of the Day- 01august2009

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I Scream, You Scream, We ALL Scream For Ice Cream!

Today I was in an ice cream eating contest at Brusters in East Brainerd. I know what you are thinking… but Kevin, you are LACTOSE INTOLERANT!

And I am, but it was for charity. Mrs Renee and her staff have been raising money all year for Peyton, an awesome little boy who has been fighting leukemia. They are working with the Make a Wish Foundation to help send Peyton to Disney World.

They have been working so hard to raise money all year, the least I could do was eat a little ice cream, right? Plus it would be great training for the Krystal Square Off coming up in the next month or so.

One thing. Krystals do NOT have cheese. Cheese is lactose. And ice cream is LACTOSE. So there would be a difference.

But it was for charity.

Here’s the thing about lactose… it doesn’t understand charity.

And the worst part… I didn’t win! I got second place. I thought I was winning but there was this biker guy who hidden from me by this big hairy dude. I thought I was in first place and then with a minute left I found out I was a pint behind.

Even non-lactose intolerant people can’t make that up in a minute.

And in the spirit of full disclosure, I think I should be more clear…

By biker I don’t mean some big, burly, hairy, tattooed giant, I mean a really skinny dude in spandex shorts.


Yeah… I probably should have kept that a secret.


Special Thanks to Today’s Sponspor:

lactaid logo

Just kidding!

Today’s Sponsor is Chattanooga’s Most DELICIOUS Ice Cream…

brusters ice cream logo

(and I’m lactose intolerant)


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