Photo of the Day- 03august2009

-It is the 3rd day of the month so I figured that today I will do 3 Photos of the Day. My life is not really exciting and action packed enough to warrant 3 Photos of the Day, but you guys don’t need to know that so here we go…


Photo of the Day #1


03august2009- At The Kids Table


The Kids Table

We have staff meetings on Monday. They let me come, but they make me sit at the kids table.

Where I mostly just pretend like I am reading important documents.


03august2009- At The Kids Table-2


This is me reading the first chapter of John Grisham’s latest novel, which I am pretending is a report on… something. (they usually don’t ask, so I don’t have to volunteer.)


Photo of the Day #2


03august2009- Reason #34 Why I Need A Wife


Reason #34 Why I Need A Wife

I need someone in my life who will be the responsible one. Someone who will be the planner. Someone who will think, This is the last roll of toilet paper, I better stop and get some more on the way home from work.

Or at least someone I can yell to -worst case scenario- to look in the kitchen drawer to see if there are any random leftover Taco Bell napkins.


Photo of the Day #3


03august2009- Upward Evaluations Time Trials


Time Trials

I am the fastest 4th grader in the Ridgedale Baptist Church Upward Flag Football League.

Tonight we had Upward Evaluations for the soccer and football leagues starting next month and during the down time between kids we got bored. Mainly to entertain himself, Tyler made me run the 30 yard dash like the kids were doing and he timed me.

Much to his surprise and mine, I got the fastest time of the night. Granted most of the kids were in 1st or 2nd grade, but being the fastest still was cool.

And so did the shadows.

Notice the one with the camera. And the other one. He’s saying, “Wow, you sure are fast.” He is… really… but you just can’t see that in the shadow.

It’s like I was telling Tyler:  If I could play 4th grade football as a grownup I would be awesome. Not only am I a little taller and a little faster, I’ve also got a beard which has to be intimidating!

What’s bad is that I think I might have pulled a muscle in the race. A race against no one. I was by myself. Just think if someone else is on the field. I can’t even sleep 8 hours in a soft and fluffy bed without waking up sore, I don’t know how I would make it through a game, ratherless a season of football without ending up in the hospital.

But according to this time trial, I’m the fastest 4th grader in the league, and that’s something you can’t take away, that’s mine forever…


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