Photo of the Day- 04august2009


04august2009- Chester Frost Park Beach-2


This is Chester Frost Park Beach in Hixson, TN. It is on Chickamauga Lake in a state park and it is awesome. I think it is one of America’s most under-appreciated waterside paradises.

I was watching Shark Week last night and there was a show on about the most dangerous places in the world for shark attacks. There was Australia, the Bahamas, South Africa, and the most dangerous place, the place where you are most likely to get attacked by a shark…


Yeah… FLORIDA! The place with the most shark attacks in all the world is Florida.

What’s even crazier is that most people in Chattanooga and the surrounding states go to Florida to go to the beach. We go to the MOST LIKELY place in the WORLD to get eaten by a shark. That does NOT make sense.

Especially with such a pristine beach right here! I think that Chester Frost Park Beach should work this to their advantage.

There was a statistic on the show saying there were 618 shark attacks in Florida. 618. There have been zero shark attacks at Chester Frost Park Beach ever. Zero. Ever. That is your whole marketing campaign right there: Chester Frost Park Beach… where you for sure won’t get eaten by a shark.

I’d go to that place. I love places where you don’t get eaten by a shark. They are my favorite.

And I think I know the perfect spokesperson:


04august2009- Chester Frost Park Beach (Shark Week 2009)


One Armed Pete

I think they could just show this picture of One Armed Pete with a caption that says, “Sharks Suck” and maybe something like:

Florida- 618 Shark Attacks

Chester Frost Park Beach- 0 Shark Attacks

and then finish it off with:

Chester Frost Park Beach… Where You For Sure Won’t Get Eaten By A Shark.

That’d make a great billboard.


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 04august2009”

  1. Jeanine Powell Says:

    I know being the “cool guy” you are you probably meant to do this (and I am a little slow) but I thought it was cool. Your shadow at the beach is a parrot…you are soooo talented, but maybe you should have made a shark shadow…just saying.

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