Dear Beloved Reader and Email Subcriber,


Note: I would prefer if you pronounced “beloved” as “bee-love-ed”, but it is up to you. It is your choice, do what you want.


Anyway, I just wanted to say hi.


And let you know that all of these Photos of the Day from the last week or two ARE coming. ASAP. Well, asap, lowercase, for sure. I have them, and I am looking forward to sharing them with you. You just got to have faith, like George Michael.

That is a reference for my older readers.

Anyway, I’ve been super busy lately, but I have so much I want to share with you and show you. Here’s the plan… Right now I’m getting caught up on tv, then I am going to a rehearsal dinner for Jessica’s wedding. I am not in the wedding, Ashley is, I’m just going to be in the audience. Basically I am just going to practice watching so that tomorrow night I will be a really good watcher.

And even with practice, there is a chance I could screw this up, sorry Jessica…

Then I am going to hang out with Ashley, probably, most likely, not updating my Photos of the Day. Buuut then… yes THEN, I will be working on updating. By the end of the weekend it shall be completely updated. COMPLETELY!

So that’s the plan. Okay, see ya!


Kevin K Lewis


PS. I was just thinking how I hope no burglars are readers and email subscribers to this website. I want to add this note just in case…


Dear Burglar,

I am doing ALL of these aforementioned activities in my living room. With a giant dog with a gun.

Kevin K Lewis


Ps. YES, the DOG has a GUN.


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One Response to “Dear Beloved Reader and Email Subcriber,”

  1. Kristyl Says:

    This is hogwash!!

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