A Labor (Day Weekend) of Love


Doing this website is one of my most favorite things ever, YET I have fallen behind on my Photos of the Day. I realize I am a “bad person and have let you down in every way imaginable.”

That is a quote from my last evaluation at work, but I feel like it works well for this situation. So, knowing this, I… in lieu of re-tiling the bathroom or painting the guest room as the commercials from Lowe’s and Home Depot seem to suggest Labor Day Weekend is all about… I am going to revamp this website!

I am going to update the Photos of the Day as well as the widgets on the far right side of the panel. (I MIGHT even change the whole color of the website.)

How can you be my friend on Facebook? There will be a widget on the right.

How can you follow me on Twitter? There will be a widget on the right.

How can you follow our wedding plans and preparation on our Knot.com website? There will be a widget on the right.

How can you know many teaspoons are in a cup? You can Google it.

This website is not meant to be a conversion website. If you want a conversion website go to OnlineConversion.com or to WatchTower.com, I’m busy taking pictures trying to make you laugh by, for instance, sending you to a link to the Jehovah’s Witness’s website. That’s funny, right?

Okay, well, I have to go, I have to get busy on all this revamping that Home Depot told me I was supposed to get done this weekend! See ya soon!

Kevin K Lewis


The Plan:

I am going to be uploading all the Photos of the Day starting with TODAY and going backwards. I hope you will check back intermediately and see all the new photos. I am also going to be updating and adding new widgets that will lead you where you need to go. I will also add a couple of Pieces I wrote for my Fiction Class on My Lime Green Blog.

I will also continue registering at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond so you may buy me (and Ashley) multiple wedding gifts.

By the way, I am engaged. More on that to come in the Photos of the Day! Thanks again for your patience.



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