Photo of the Day- 05sep2009

-Tonight Ashley and I were at Barnes and Noble and I came across this shelf of “Noteworthy Paperbacks”.

-05sep2009- Noteworthy Paperbacks


Let’s see what we have here…

A book about Che Guevara, Friday Night Lights, The Black Hole War, The Expectant Father, Dirty Japanese, and Complications: A Surgeons Notes on an Imperfect Science.

Wait…. Dirty Japanese? Like Japanese cuss words?

Apparently.  The subtitle is “From “What’s Up?” to “F*%# Off!”

A book about cuss words in Japanese? That IS noteworthy, thanks Barnes and Noble!

Click HERE to order your very own copy of Dirty Japanese from

I am not endorsing the book and am not suggesting that you buy it, but if you do I hope that you can get back to me with an answer to this question:

When Japanese Baptist ministers blog about this book in Japanese, do you think they substitute “*” and “#” and “%” in place of some of the letters so they don’t have cuss words on their page or do you think it makes it all too confusing?


たわばのごとのろ*#% 獄!!

Yeah… nevermind… they probably don’t, that just looks too confusing.


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  1. arniladoc12 Says:


    for details on Che.Leave a comment.

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