Photo of the Day- 08sep2009


IRONY : noun – an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.

For Example: My mom missed her first day in her new position working in the Hamilton County Health Dept Swine Flu Clinic because she has Swine Flu.


I was walking my mom’s dog today, in the graveyard by her house, and I saw this tombstone:


08sep2009- Irony- Smartt Tombstone



Which made me think… IRONY.


What do you think? Ironic or just the way they spelled it back then??

(and just for the record, I did not let my mom’s dog poop on peoples’ graves, just in the ditches around the graveyard.)


My favorite thing about my mom being sick with the Swine Flu is… wait, that doesn’t sound right.

My favorite part about this situation is that besides throwing down anti bacterial handi-wipes from the top of the stairs to clean my hands after I wash my hands after walking her dog and bringing her food and medicine, she also threw down her cable bill and cell phone bill for me to mail. Without a stamp on the envelopes.

Basically what happened is she said, “Thanks for bringing me food and medicine and walking my dog, to say thank you, here is an errand.”

Get well soon, Mom! (I would mail you a card but I just used my last two stamps…)


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