Photo of the Day- 10sep2009

-Today I brought my mom some more medicine for her Swine Flu. She is doing a lot better. We talked for a while, through her glass patio door. I felt like I was visiting her in prison. A germ prison.

So I made her do the “hold your hands up against the glass because your in jail” thing:

-10sep2009- Mom in the Bubble-1


And then she made me pet her dog.


10sep2009- Mom in the Bubble-2


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 10sep2009”

  1. Nancy J. Reed Says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Been meaning to congradulate you on your engagement to Ashley. Best wishes for much happiness as you spend your lives together.

    I’m wondering if your Mom knows how she contracted the Swine Flu.
    An epidemic is predicted. Hope you stay well.

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