Candy Bar Thursday! UPDATE

-I know how I said that instead of getting a new candy bar for Candy Bar Thursday! we were going to just remember eating a Snickers.

And we did that. Which made us really crave a Snickers.

So we ate a Snickers.


17sep2009- Candy Bar Thursday- Snickers- Eating


Which means this post is going to have to serve as an invitation to our wedding…

Hopefully every time you eat a Snickers you will think about coming to our wedding… right?

No? Well print this picture of me eating a Snickers off and put it on the fridge, surely that will work!

Okay, see ya December 31st!


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One Response to “Candy Bar Thursday! UPDATE”

  1. Jennifer Johnson Says:

    Kevin, you are so nuts, you should’ve been an Almond Joy! :-)

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