Photo of the Day- 06oct2009


Starting about a month ago at Ridgedale Tuesdays and Thursdays became “Mother’s Day Out”. Meaning that moms drop their kids off for a few hours at the church and they play and hang out and do crafts and sometimes they get to play with really cool guys like Chad and Kevin.


06oct2009- Mom's Day Out-1


Jay and I were playing on this really cool Fish SeeSaw Car thing and the kids were loving it. I was the Wild-and-Crazy-Fish-Rocking-See-Saw-Car-Fun-Guy. We were having a blast; a line was starting to form.


06oct2009- Mom's Day Out-2

-And then I got stuck in the fish and the Wild-and-Crazy-Fish-Rocking-See-Saw-Car-Fun-Guy turned into Crazy-Old-Super-Scary-Walking-Fish-Boogey-Man.

And that really freaked the kids out.


06oct2009- Mom's Day Out-3


I was worried the kids were traumatized but I heard they all slept like logs all afternoon.

Also I heard none of them will ever be back to Mother’s Day Out at Ridgedale.

Which is terrible… but also awesome… because that’s just more Fish SeeSaw Car Driving for us!


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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 06oct2009”

  1. Hope Says:

    Henley looks pretty upset about you being on that fish seesaw car riding thing.

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