Photo of the Day- 27sep2009


27sep2009- Krystal Square Off-1


Today Ashley and I went to Ross’s Landing in Downtown Chattanooga to watch the 6th annual Krystal Square Off.

From high atop the VIP trailer rooftop balcony.

The two places I am deemed a VIP and therefore given special privileges:

Hamburger Eating Contests (bc of Kenny Hammontree)


BiLo Grocery Stores (bc of a “BonusCard” that every customer gets)


My favorite part of the entire competition…


27sep2009- Krystal Square Off-2

-The “How To Use Your Thunderstick” portion of the program.  The basic instructions are as follows:

Take the Thunderstick in your left hand and bang it against the Thunderstick in your right hand.

Repeat as Necessary.

Fairly simple instructions they were somehow able to fill 3 minutes of TV time with…

-Afterwards, because I have a BiLo BonusCard, we got our picture taken with Kobeyashi.

-Ashley and Kevin at Krystal Square Off with Kobeyashi


Apparently “say cheese” means something else in Japanese.


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