Photo of the Day- 08oct2009



We are going to play a game. It’s called “Which One of These Guys is Already Married To a Teacher?”

Tonight there was a carnival at East Brainerd Elementary with balloon animals, giant inflatable slides, cake walks, and this room that had a Duck Pond where the kids fished ducks out of a kiddie pool.

In the picture you see two men, one is already married to a teacher, the other is marrying a teacher. See if you can see which is which.


08oct2009- Class Distinction-3


Is the married guy…

A- The guy sitting in the plush wicker chair, beverage in hand


B- The guy hand-drying 114 rubber duckies with a paper towel?

-Answer A-2




08oct2009- Duck Pond Incident 2009


I fell into the duck pond.


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