Photo of the Day- 10oct2009


Today Ashley and I drove down to Dalton, Georgia to see a 400 pound man clog.


10oct2009- Praters Mill- 400lb Clogger


It was at Prater’s Mill, a country crafts festival on the river at Prater’s Mill. It was a 45 minute drive, but it was totally worth it. We went for the clogging and stayed for the pinto beans and alligator on a stick.

When we got there they gave us this map of the festival:

-10oct2009- Praters Mill- Map


But we found this to be a little misprepresentative of the true “atmosphere” of the festival. It has rained more than usual in the last month or so and it was very (VERY) muddy.

So I have made this adjustment:


10oct2009- Praters Mill- Muddy Map

-The blue part is the water, but it should also be brown, like chocolate, but I didn’t want to confuse you.

Besides seeing a 400 pound clogger, eating alligator, and stepping in 97 mud puddles, we also go to play “Sisters or Lesbians?” 14 times.

And we also played “Lazy or Bedridden?” once with this photo of the former owner of the farm where part of the festival is now held:


10oct2009- Praters Mill- Lazy or Sick


By the way, Ashley and I both said “Lazy“.


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