Photo of the Day- 15oct2009


15oct2009- Snuggie vs Fleece


I hear people ask a lot, “What’s the difference in a ‘Snuggie’ and a regular fleece blanket?”

Well, at the BiLo Supermarket, it’s about $11.66 (with your BiLo BonusCard).


POD Bonus Commentary


Why such a cost difference?


It’s like vests and shirts. A leather vest costs 20 bucks, a leather shirt costs 40. The difference… sleeves.

It’s like that with food too.

Take Hot Pockets and Pizza Rolls, for example. Hot Pockets cost about twice what Pizza Rolls cost. The difference… (microwavable) sleeves.

Like all theories, this starts to fall apart when you bring Larry the Cable Guy into the mix.


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