Photo of the Day- 20oct2009

-Things That Should Not Exist #24

-20oct2009- Things That Should Not Exist #24


Burgers with mozzarella sticks on them.

I mean I appreciate what you are trying to do Red Robin but you can’t just throw anything on a burger. I know you are thinking, “I love burgers and I love cheese sticks, why do we put them together!?!?!!” and you think that is genius, but step back from it for a second and I think you’ll see that’s ridiculous.

Example: I like birthday cake and I like burgers, are you gonna make a Birthday Cake Burger? I like veggie burgers and I like babies, are you gonna make a Grilled Baby Veggie Burger?

See… Ridiculous.


NOTE: If you do make these burgers I totally want credit and a percentage of the profits!


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