Photo of the Day- 21oct2009


21oct2009- Worlds Greatest Grandpa-1


I am the World’s Greatest Grandpa, and I have the t-shirt to prove it. I wore it to church tonight and everyone was very interested in it. “There is no way you are the World’s Greatest Grandpa” I heard more than once, and so I had to explain about it. This is a picture that Michael took while I was explaining it to the sanctuary choir.

And now I will explain it to you:


You know how in college football they have rankings? And you know how in August, before any games are played, they release a Pre-Season Poll and they name the #1 team… well this is kind of like that. I am not a grandpa yet,  I don’t have any grandkids, or even any kids, this is my “Pre-Season”, this is my August, and although I haven’t played any games yet I am the Pre-Season World’s Greatest Grandpa.

Which is how I have the t-shirt.


I also have a t-shirt that says “I Am Kevin” which is always a little easier to explain.


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