Photo of the Day- 25oct2009

-Today for lunch we went with Hope and Chad to Good Dog down by Coolidge Park. It is a new hotdog place with fancy hotdogs like the “Fred Dog” and “Weiss’s New York Street ‘Dirty Water’ Dog”. Ashley and I both made up a dog we called “The Kenny Rogers Dog”. It is a chili dog with jalapenos, cheese, and sour cream. (Hot and cheesy with a streak of pure white like The Gambler’s beard.)

While I was there I had to go to the bathroom and it too was fancy. It had a “waiting room” with a hip and trendy chair to sit in while the guy ahead of you finished up.


25oct2009- Good Dog Good Chair

-The only problem…


25oct2009- Good Dog Good Chair...


…it was two feet from the toilet.


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2 Responses to “Photo of the Day- 25oct2009”

  1. Jennifer Johnson Says:

    In the “Ladies’ Room”, that’s called “the purse chair”. Just sayin’

  2. A Book, Bathroom, and a Bed and Breakfast « Says:

    […] well… you will just have to click HERE to see the photos and read the rest of […]

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