Photo of the Day- 26oct2009

-Bill Mack and I were at the hospital today. In the lobby I saw an old man wearing a “Confederate Air Force” jacket. Yes, Confederate AIR Force. It had an American Flag and a Confederate Flag and it had a whole bunch of writing that talked about, well, let me just show you:

-26oct2009- Confederate Air Force Jacket



I turned to Bill Mack and said, “Confederate Air Force?? Airplanes weren’t even invented yet, that doesn’t make sense… what, were they fighting in hot air balloons?”

Which made me picture hot air balloons with cannons on them. Which made me think of how much more fun that would make those Civil War Re-enactments down at Chickamauga Battlefield.


NOTE: I joke but I realize if it weren’t for all the innovations and advancements of the Confederate Air Force, the Confederate Space Program never would happened.


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