Photo of the Day- 28oct2009


I know you have all been wondering, Have you gotten any more letters from that Crazy Guy who sent you that half page of Iron Man Stickers?

Yes, yes, I have. Today he sent me a Christmas card.

On October 28th, he sent me a Christmas card. Well, not so much “sent me” a Christmas card as he folded it and wedged it into my front passenger side door jam.

I know it is an unorthodox way of giving a Christmas card, at an unorthodox time of year, but I really appreciated it.

And I have already hung it up in my office.


28oct2009- Christmas Card-1

-I taped it to my bookshelf. The one with the hammer on it. And the two hats. And a picture of a 3 year old Ryne Johnson dressed as a cowboy.


And before I go, let me be the first to wish you






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One Response to “Photo of the Day- 28oct2009”

  1. Mitch Norman Says:

    I had to read that twice just to make sure I what I thought I read is what you wrote. I was right the first time. Wow.

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