Photo of the Day-30oct2009


Today was the Halloween Parade for the kids of the CDC at church. I wasn’t there for that, but I came in as John and Emily and their girls were leaving. They were dressed in cute little costumes, and I wasn’t.

So John gave me the church newsletter and asked me to pull an Adam Sandler and be “Mr. Crazy Newsletter Face Man” and give his girls candy.


30oct2009- Mr Crazy Newsletter Face


All I had was a Werthers Original so I gave it to her. Also I gave her my business card because she sounded confused as to who I was.

-NOTE to John: If the girls don’t want the Werthers Original, please bring them back to me, they are my favorite.



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One Response to “Photo of the Day-30oct2009”

  1. Brooke Says:

    He is the best character ever!!! We quote him all the time!

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