It’s A Great Pumpkin (Carving Contest), Charlie Brown

Tonight Ashley and I decided to carve pumpkins. Of course we made it a contest. It was official with rules and a time limit and everything. I said I was going to win, and Ashley said she was going to win.

But there could be only one winner.

And like I said, it was going to be me.

To be fair, we started with the exact same set up.


30oct2009- Pumpkin Challenge-1

-Ashley went into the living room to get a pencil and I carved my pumpkin into a cat.


30oct2009- Pumpkin Challenge-2


It looked just like Princess Prissy McPurrsalot of Lichtenstein!

Just kidding, that’s my cat (I call her “Lucy” for short). She is not a pumpkin, although I did try to pass her off as my pumpkin, but she kept licking her butt and messing it up for me.

After Ashley called me out on the “Pumpkin Scandal” as she tried to call it, we painstakingly carved our pumpkins and were ready for the reveal.

-30oct2009- Pumpkin Challenge-3


I carved a “Toothless Vampire with a Moustache”. Ashley carved “Mr. Owl”.

I had to make my vampire toothless at the last minute when I couldn’t find any wooden skewers to be his teeth.

In case Ashley wasn’t impressed with my “Toothless Vampire with a Moustache” I carved a bowling ball on the back.


30oct2009- Pumpkin Challenge-4

-After careful consideration Ashley said, “I think it should probably be a tie.”

I said, “I agree, it should be a tie, but yours is good too, and 3rd place is not bad. You get a bronze medal.”


Official Results:

Gold Medal: Toothless Vampire with a Moustache

Silver Medal: Bowling Ball

Bronze: Mr. Owl


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