Photo of the Day- 31oct2009

-Tonight Ashley and I took Monet (our flower girl) to Trunk or Treat at East Ridge Baptist.

-31oct2009- Costume- Ashley and Monet

-Monet is dressed up as a mermaid spider. She had a mermaid dress and a spider hat. Mermaid Spider.

She has also recently learned to cross her eyes…


31oct2009- Costume- Columbo

-I told her when she did that she looked like Mermaid Spider Columbo. I told her she should have boiled eggs in her pockets. She did not get either of these references.

Later she insisted I put on her spider hat. Ashley’s mom really liked it.


31oct2009- Costume- Spider Hat-1

-Or so I thought.


31oct2009- Costume- Spider Hat-2


I was surprised to find out that she didn’t.

Luckily Monet had gotten me plenty of candy so I could eat my feelings when I got home.


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