Photo of the Day- 02nov2009

-It is almost Christmas time so our church is filling up shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child again. We are asking everyone to grab a box and fill it with toys and school supplies and books and all kinds of good stuff. This year we are going to try to fill at least 600 boxes.

Here is one of those boxes:


I should clarify that this box is from Christmas Card Guy; he brought it to me today.


02- Operation Christmas Child-1


Which might not have needed to be clarified, but you know, I did.

Do you want to look inside?

Do you wonder, if a Dr Pepper is taped to the outside, what could possibly be inside?

Do you want to look inside??

Okay, let’s look inside…


02- Operation Christmas Child-2

-There was a LOT of stuff. There was a shirt, and also gloves with a matching hat.  There were some stickers and this time there are not any missing (like on the Iron Man stickers he gave me). Some were rainbows and some were turkeys, and then some were horses and Native Americans, which confused me. He gave me a Christmas card before Halloween, and for Christmas, he is giving a poor child in Africa some Thanksgiving stickers.

Also there was baby powder shampoo and a chapstick that may or may not have been found and not purchased. There was orange jello and shaving cream. There was a toy car, a bar of soap, and Colgate toothpaste. There were 6 pieces of random candy, one of which was that weird strawberry candy.

There was a card that made reference to Extreme Home Makeover with three incomplete sentences scattered about within it. There were 3 articles that talked about him and his massive record collection and a picture of an apartment complex sign. Not the one he lives in, but a random one across town.

And also…

-…and these were my favorite items…


02- Operation Christmas Child-2.1


4 disposable razors and a package of firecrackers.


Aaaand that’s why people in foreign countries think Americans are crazy.


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