Photo of the Day- 03nov2009

-Tonight Ashley and I went over to Hope and Chad’s house after Shepherd went to bed. We were loud so he woke up. Since he was up we thought we may as well play with him. And then somehow he started dancing on the table.


03nov2009- Shep Dancing on the Table

-He danced forever, it was hilarious. And then out of nowhere he leaned down and put his ear on the table.

-03nov2009- Shep Dancing -Train Coming Through


And I know he is only 19 months old and can’t really verbalize it very well, but I’m pretty sure he was saying, “WOOOO-WOOOOO!!! there’s a train coming through, can you HEAR IT?!?!?!?!”


And feeling we had gotten Shepherd sufficiently riled up, Ashley and I went home.


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