Wedding News: Shower Seat of Honor

-Ashley went to our second wedding shower today and just as she did last week, instead of telling me what all we got, she let me open all the gifts for myself when we got to my house.

This week she introduced me to the Shower Seat of Honor. It made me think of the shower seat old people use to sit on when they take a shower, it made me a little uncomfortable. But apparently when you are the Showeree, you get to sit in a special chair, a “Shower Seat of Honor”.


Wedding Update- Shower 01nov2009


I chose to sit in my grand-me-down recliner. And Ashley was right, it DID make opening up the gifts that much more fun!

I still can’t believe that people are buying us stuff and it’s not our birthday or Christmas, it’s CRAZY! This week, just like last week, we got sooo much cool stuff! Utensils and bowls and plates and pink sheets! (Who knew that one day I would be sleeping on pink sheets…) My favorite was the bag full of white towels! I know that might seem boring to you, but I was excited.

Shhhh… Secret Hint: I’m hoping for the grapefruit spoons next shower…


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