Photo of the Day- 06nov2009


Quick Recap of My Day: I drove 9 hours to eat dinner next door.

And I had to bring my own chair.


06nov2009- BYO... Chairs

-And that was least ridiculous part of my day.

Brother Bill and I left Chattanooga at 7am (on our day off) to do a favor for Tony and David and the guys who are on a hiking trip on the AT. We were moving the bus from the where they got on the trail, to the end where they were getting off.

It was supposed to take 5 hours max. It took 9 hours. Two and a half of which were spent driving 7 miles per hour down a rocky, bumpy 10.7 mile dirt fire road.

But what are friends for!


For owing you BIG TIME when they trick you into doing a favor that ends up taking ALL of your day off, that’s what they are for. I mean, if you were wondering.

Also they are for inviting you over to dinner even if they don’t have enough chairs at their table.



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