Wedding News: Grapefruit Spoon Delight


Sunday afternoon Ashley went to a shower thrown by her home church, East Ridge Baptist. Just like last week and the week before when we got all the stuff back to my house she let me open it all up instead of just telling me what we got. Instead of letting me sit in the Shower Seat of Honor like last week (my recliner) she decided that since most of the stuff was kitchen stuff that she would just let me open it in the kitchen.

Which made me think that we probably didn’t get the plasma tv I had secretly registered for…


08nov2009- Shower- Grapefruit Spoon Delight


Buuuuut I did get MY GRAPEFRUIT SPOONS!!!!

I was told we got a lot of great stuff but I didn’t really notice any of after I opened up my grapefruit spoons. It’s my favorite thing we registered for and probably the only thing that I have put on the list that Ashley didn’t go behind me and take off.

“We can’t ask people to buy you season 4 of Seinfeld, that’s not how this works. We are getting married, not turning 40.”

But she let me keep the grapefruit spoons (and promised that when I turned 40 I could get season 4 of Seinfeld).  I thought we might would get the grapefruit spoons the first shower because they were only 3 bucks, but we didn’t. I was starting to give up hope but today we got them! I was so excited to use them, but we didn’t have any grapefruit I could eat with it so I just ate cookies from the shower instead.

Best. Gift. Ever.


NOTE: Ashley wanted me to mention that I loved all the other gifts too and that I am looking forward to finding out what they are.


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